As part of it’s role as an Association for Motor Clubs, the ANEMMC will produce various Policies and Documents

These are to be found below

Association Development Plan

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Event Submission Form

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Child Protection Policy

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Club Data Information Sheets

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Association Officials and Key Documents

Chairman                          Gerry Blythe

Vice Chairman                   John Hickling

Secretary                          Avril Clarke

Treasurer                          Clare Blythe

Stage Rally Co Ordinator    John Hickling

Road Rally Co Ordinator     Dave Broadley

Training Officer                 Richard Ashton

Youth in Motorsport           Charlotte Booler

Webmaster                        Dennis Sanford

Awards & Social Officer      Sandra Hickling

child_protection_policy.pdf ANEMMC_CLUB_DETAILS_UPDATE.docx ANEMMC_Development_Plan-2012.pdf Dateapplicationform2019.docx

Association of North East Midlands Motor Clubs