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 2017 Inter Association Road Rally
AB Motorsport Mercian Road Rally running on 16th/17th September which is the 2017 Inter-Association Road Rally and an ANEMMC championship round.
 Regulations are now available from the event website and entries open on the evening of Thursday 6th July.   Our usual maximum entry size has been increased and we will reserve the major proportion of places for Inter-Association team entrants until Monday 21st August.
We look forward to welcoming teams of 3 road rally crews from as many regions as possible to share the enjoyment of our favourite local roads and compete to be the winning association team. A route of approximately 150 miles is planned which will feature the very best lanes and unsurfaced tracks of Maps 151/152 together with flowing Special Tests.
Navigation will be very straightforward using almost entirely tulips with just the occasional map reference to localise some Not as Map features. Although provided as plot-and-bash handouts at various points along the route, it has been designed to be as easy as possible to plot on the move and often allowing several sections to be plotted ahead. The event format has proven popular with both experts and novices alike and crews with a only a pre-plot background have adapted very successfully in previous years.
Saturday 16th September 2017. Signing on from 19:00
Start venue: Southam Tyres, Southam, Warwickshire CV47 0RB.  Map reference 151/412 610
Finish Venue: The Wharf Inn, Fenny Compton, near Southam CV47 2FE.  Map reference 151/432 533
Maps: 151 and 152

The event will need plenty of marshals so if anyone wishes to experience the great atmosphere of a Saturday evening start followed by a night in the lanes, please contact our chief marshals Dave and Ingrid. They have all types of controls available to suit any level of experience. Full information and map printouts will be provided so it just needs enthusiasm.  There's a Marshals' Prize Draw with an excellent first prize of a Full Day Rally Experience courtesy of Rally Rides near Evesham, Worcestershire.
Chief Marshals: Dave Barratt 07919 365790 and Ingrid Brew 07791 876459


The excellent HRCR Newsletter for JUNE 2017 has been passed onto me - please see HERE for a great read!




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